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Workshop for The Trailing Spouse - March 6 - Erlangen

06 Mar 2013 20:00 | Anonymous
Living in a different culture can be a great opportunity to define yourself.  However, such a move can result in shock, disorientation, and stress and requires a specific set of skills and strategies to deal with this.  How does one effectively keep going during this time of mixed emotions?  What do you want to accpmplish during your stay?  How can you set and reach goals?

This full-day workshop is designed to answer these questions and help make this "time away" a fulfilled and enriching experience.

* what is culture shock and how might it affect you?
* how do you turn "loss of identity" into "a portable identity"?
* build comfort and confidence in dealing with German and other cultures
* making this time work for you - not just "surviving" but "thriving"
* a new skill set to apply to all sorts of challenges - both abroad and at home

Workshop: March 6, 2013

Please click on the following link for further details


International Women's Group e.V. in Herzogenaurach, Germany | Impressum

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